I didn't start learning to ride until May 2010 and for the entire summer of that year was injured. My first year of riding was not that solid but since April last year, I've not missed a ride. I can walk, sit and rise trot, canter, and have started learning transitions and diagonals on a variety of horses. Come and join me on my adventures with my horsey friends all done with no sight on my part. don't feel afraid to ask me any questions. being blind and a horse rider is new, interesting and very exciting. So I hope you can gain something from reading this.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

My Horse advertisement

I'm on the hunt for a loan horse, at the right price, maybe even buying one. However, I'd prefer to loan to begin with but I'm not ruling buying out as it's a good market at the moment. But I have been looking in this area and so far haven't found anything suitable just yet. I know it takes time so I thought I'd write down all of my requirements as they stand. Loan/buy: open to either but prefer part loan to ease into the responsibility of taking care of a horse. Purpose; This sounds obvious right, but even this question in my head needs to be answered. so
  • 1. for riding and to get me into more regular riding than my current two days a week lessons.
  • 2. Training. I'd like to learn the disciplines of dressage and maybe jumping so having access to a horse on a more regular basis would be great for my training.
  • 3. Competing. Yes, it's something I'd like to see how far I can go with.
  • 4. Becoming a better horse carer. Learning a horse's needs on a day to day basis and knowing how to take care, groom, care for when, God forbid they're sick, feeding, learning behaviourisms, and all that goes along with owning a horse.

so those are my reasons behind this new venture. We all know once you catch the bug, it generally gets worse not better. hee.

Breed: Cob preferably.
age:8/9 to about 15/16
Colour: No preference
gender: Gelding or filly. Maybe a mare.

I need the horse to be well accustomed to riding with a bridle and saddle, [broken in well]. A calm disposition yet very willing and responsive. No biting/kicking or other majorly undesirable habits. I know no horse is perfect but bad behaviour to the minimal. Well mannered and halts well. I am totally blind and although I know some horses may kick out on occasion or bite, I really don't want to deal with that on a regular daily occurrence. It would be nice if the horse had been socialised around dogs and was comfortable around them as I have a guide dog and he'd be with me most of the time.

an open medical history should be disclosed wherever possible.

size: at least 13.3 HH max 16.5

experience: intermediate or advanced, no novice or retired horses. I need one that is still going to be ridden. Preferably trained in dressage/jumping.
Shoes: This doesn't matter. Whatever is best for the horse.

Loan requirements: to be discussed.

If any of you wonderful horse people have any ideas to add to this, as it's my first time writing an advertisement for a horse, please comment and leave feedback. It probably sounds too simplistic, what I've written.

Thanks again,


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  1. I think you've pretty much covered it here, Marie. I'd suggest something 8/9 is a better age because they've really been out and seen everything the world has to offer. You don't need to be introducing a 6yr old to its first show etc. Responsive (so you don't feel like you've spent 6hrs in the gym!) but well mannered - has good brakes!

    Older horses have a lot to offer. I love them but it would be an idea to check re medical history that th horse has nothing i.e arthritis in its front feet which could lead to tripping and stumbling. The odd time is manageable but I've had horses who do it on a regular basis and that can be really unseating. Not ideal for your first horse!

    Right, that's me done. I'm off to advertise on your behalf!!

    Happy riding :)