I didn't start learning to ride until May 2010 and for the entire summer of that year was injured. My first year of riding was not that solid but since April last year, I've not missed a ride. I can walk, sit and rise trot, canter, and have started learning transitions and diagonals on a variety of horses. Come and join me on my adventures with my horsey friends all done with no sight on my part. don't feel afraid to ask me any questions. being blind and a horse rider is new, interesting and very exciting. So I hope you can gain something from reading this.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rain! Rain! and more Rain

I have to say, I don't mind rain as such. Sure, it'd be nicer without it but it was that fine, drizzly stuff that is just yuck today when I went up to the stables.

I had my original instructor today which was nice and I brought in my, usually tall white friend that was probably more true to the name of his colour than what he appears to be today. We brushed him off, to the best of our ability and tacked him up.

I noticed today, that he was listening more to me and doing as I asked when I asked it of him. On previous occasions, he could get easily distracted by food, other horses or my instructor but on the whole today he responded well.

My trotting was pretty good today. We've started this new thing, where she asks me to trot from standing still and then stop after a few strides. I had developed yet another quirky habit where I would pull back on the reins and pull my feet back as though I was asking him to walk on. Yes, I know, crazy, I have no idea why I have been doing that. So that got worked out well today. After the first time I did it, I didn't do it again and he stopped as he was getting the clear signal to do so.

cantering? Yes, lets not talk about that today. It was abysmal. I'm not entirely sure I'll ever canter again because I seemingly have forgotten how to relax and just do it. Chatting with my instructor today, she pointed out that I have done it before and its probably something in my psyche holding me back now. I agree, just not quite sure how to ditch my brain during canter. Maybe I shouldn't think about anything any more while I attempt it as thinking of what needs to be done clearly is not working for me anymore. I have progressed slightly as I am keeping my stirrups still and balance has been fine and not felt like I'm about to fly off and during one attempt today, I did lean back when I knew I was just messing up completely. So I've made a pact with myself, no talking about cantering until I'm at least half way decent again. Feels like I'm back to square one again with it and hate to say this, but it's becoming as frustrating as rising trot once was. Yes, I'm probably over thinking it so need to strategise how now not to think at all. Stupid human brains huh? ;)

Overall, today's lesson was a good one. I felt he was listening to me more and my trot to halt was working well. So overall, a good lesson.

Until next time and thanks for reading



  1. Stuff the canter - direct transitions?! That's something many riders never get the hang of.

    Frustration's not such a bad thing - I'm similar and in the end it helps you overcome your nerves. As long as it's always directed at yourself then it's no bad thing. Some would call it competitiveness.

    Good luck on Thursday. Hope it stays fine for you.


  2. Hi Marie,
    I completely agree with Lorraine about stuffing it :-) About a year into my lessons, and for a good few months (felt even longer) I just could not canter. In fact, for most of that time I couldn't even get the horse to start a canter at all! I so wanted to go home and never go riding again! Then something happened, I don't know what, and it just came naturally! Phew! Now that was a rut and a half I was stuck in! The other day I overheard my trainer suggesting to someone that she sings a song (out loud) while cantering! Maybe that would help keep your mind of everything?
    Best of luck

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. I really enjoy doing the direct transitions. And yes, I feel like I am rather competitive at times. I know all that's going on with the canter is definitely down to me not the horses.

    And singing a song outloud? I'll try it eeVee, next time I canter. I'm sure my instructor will have a giggle. :)
    Thanks to you both.