I didn't start learning to ride until May 2010 and for the entire summer of that year was injured. My first year of riding was not that solid but since April last year, I've not missed a ride. I can walk, sit and rise trot, canter, and have started learning transitions and diagonals on a variety of horses. Come and join me on my adventures with my horsey friends all done with no sight on my part. don't feel afraid to ask me any questions. being blind and a horse rider is new, interesting and very exciting. So I hope you can gain something from reading this.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

I'm A Real Rider Now

It was definitely overcast and miserable this morning but not chucking it down so I happily toddled off to the yard, still in waterproofs, I do not trust this British weather. I was glad I did wear them this morning. I chose to ride Topaz first today. And just prayed it wouldn't rain hard if it did decide to rain on our way around the ride. I mounted, then someone realised he had the wrong saddle on. I did not tack him up I hasten to add so off I jumped, they changed the saddle and up I went again. He was pretty well behaved today and I followed other riders without a walker or leader which was excellent. I felt a little strange getting back into his rhythm but half way through the first trot, I had it in stride again. I always forget how bouncy this tall, 16.1 HH horse is. My contact in my reins felt so elastic today and I loved having that great contact with him! He was edging to the left quite a lot in this ride and I'm not sure why. Whenever I checked my reins, they were equal. I did feel though that my right stirrup was a tad shorter but it had been too long before we set off so I changed it. I'm not sure if this was effecting me and in turn effecting him. On the cobbles, he was slow but so was the other big horse behind us. Nothing too uneventful. He was listening and doing as I asked so a very pleasant ride and no rushing, just very controlled and happy. On the back lane, I confessed to the girl taking this ride, it wasn't my usual RI, that I didn't think I'd get a canter as the past few times I've been trying so hard so she just gave me a few pointers and off he and I went in a very forward canter. I was so pleased!!!! And then it happened. I'm really not sure how. Possibly that right stirrup, possibly me just not in my seat and over balancing too much but I tried to regain my balance, failed, and dropped from the 16.1 HH of cantering horse. It happened so fast, I heard him canter on a few steps then stop. I'm not sure if someone had caught him, or if he'd stopped in confusion. I hit my hip slightly and did hit my head on the floor but was up as fast as I was down. The poor girl taking our ride was mortified I'd fallen off while she was in charge but I reassured her I was fine. My main concern was Topaz. She was very concerned about me but I felt fine and not even winded in the slightest. She asked if I wanted to get back on, and I said I didn't think I could, not because I didn't want to but because he's so big. So she offered a leg up and I was quickly back in his saddle. I wasn't afraid or put off. It's a fact of riding I've long since accepted and considering I've been riding for two years and this is my first fall, I don't think I've done too bad. I did have to fall off our biggest horse during a very forward canter though, didn't I? ;) We got back to the yard and he got a lot of cuddles and polos. Nice hot soak for me tonight though. I'll split this blog as I did with last week's and catch you up with my second ride on Bella tomorrow. Until tomorrow, Thanks, Marie


  1. Welcome to the club! I'm glad there was no damage done and that it wasn't too scary, and most of all that you were able to hop right back on :) Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing, I love reading your blog!

  2. Yay! Now that's over and done with. I remember thinking about the first fall quite a bit, so when it finally happened it was more relief I felt than anything else. The club I was riding at then had a policy, anyone coming off a horse had to bring a cake the next time! Lol!
    Thanks for sharing
    Eleni (@elvonee)

  3. So glad that's out of the way at last! Always good to know you'll cope with it. The girl you were with was probably having kittens! Glad you're OK and good that you got back on Bella. You and Topaz don't have much luck do you?!

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